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Riviera Olive Oil (RVO). 30% Discount

Model No.: contact me
Product Origin: Africa / America / Europe
Standard: contact me
Brand Name: buyers brand accepted
PriceTerms: contact me
Supply Ability: contact me
Detailed Product Description:

    Commodity: Olive Oil (RVO).
    Type: Riviera.
    Origin: Turkey or other.
    Standards: Conform to Turkish Standard TS 341, International Olive Council Standard, International Food Standards of United Nations, FAO Codex Alimentarius CODEX STAN 210-1999 Standard for Named Vegetable Oils or Standard of production country.
    Quality: Fit for human consumption, free from foreign matter, any other oil or animal fats.
    Color: Light yellow to green, clear and transparent.
    Odor: Neutral odor, without an artificial odor additive.
    Visibility: Without any deposition and blurriness.
    Taste: Neutral, without an artificial taste, free from rancidity or any strange or bad taste and smell.
    Quantity: Up to 1.000 Metric Ton (MT) per month.

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