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Frozen Ribbon Fish for sale. 30% Discount

Product Origin: Africa / Europe / Australia / America
Standard: A Grade
Brand Name: Buyer''s custom brand accepted
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Detailed Product Description:

Ribbon Fish

Lepturacanthus Savala

Type Sizes Packing


100/200, 200/300 300/400 400/Up GRAMS

10 Kg. Block or I.F

Ribbonfish ( Largehead Hairtail )

About Fish:

Saltwater largehead hairtail fish also commonly knows as Ribbonfish is found in Atlantic, East Pacific and Northwest Pacific ocean.

Physical Appearance:

Ribbonfish is a silvery fish with elongated ribbon like scaleless body & a thread like tail. Mouth consists of a series of razor-sharp teeth in upper and lower jaws.


The meat of Ribbonfish (Hairtail) is white, a bit oily. When it is fried in a bit of olive oil or peanut oil this seems to remove the oiliness.

Size Range:

It can grow up to 2.5m in length and up to 5 Kg in weight.

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