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Processed Cashew Nuts - A Grade. 30% discount

Product Origin: Africa
Standard: A Grade
Brand Name: Buyer''s custom brand accepted
PriceTerms: Contact me
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Detailed Product Description:

Cashew Nut Grades we export are

White Wholes (Colour – White/pale ivory/light ash)
White wholes – 180
White wholes – 210
White wholes – 180
White wholes – 210
White wholes – 240
White wholes – 320
White wholes – 450
Scorched Wholes (Kernels scorched or slightly darkened while roasting) Cashew nuts we supply are
Scorched Wholes (SW) – 180
Scorched Wholes (SW) – 240
Scorched Wholes (SW) – 210
Scorched Wholes (SW) – 450
Scorched Wholes (SW) – 320
Kernels are dried to 3% moisture content before they are packed.
Drying is necessary to extend shelf life and prevent fungal and other infections.
Nut kernels of export quality are vacuum packed in tins.
Packaging available for export of balanced cashew kernels in bulk are as follows
Carton containing one 50 lbs flexible pouch.
Carton containing two 25lbs flexible pouches.
Carton containing two tins of 11.340 kg net each.
Carton containing two tins of 10 kg net each.
Cashew Kernels are completely free from infestation, insect damage, rancidity, adhering taste and objectionable extraneous matter. Scraped and partially shrivelled kernels also permitted, provided such scraping/shrivelling does not affect the characteristic shape of the kernel.
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