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Goat Milk Powder for sale. 30% discount now on

Product Name: Goat Milk Powder for sale. 30% discount now on
Product Origin: Africa / Europe / Australia / America
Standard: A Grade
Brand Name: Buyer''s custom brand accepted
PriceTerms: FOB / CNF / CIF
Supply Ability: Contact me
Detailed Product Description:


Appearance Creamy white colour
Senses Creamy, Sweet, typical goat milk flavour
Milk Fat Approximately 29 % m/m
Protein Approximately 26.6 % m/m
Moisture <4%
Ash <8%
Lactose 35.9% m/m
Standard plate count <30,000 cfu per Millilitre
Coliforms <10 cfu per Millilitre
1. Coli <10 cfu per Millilitre
Yeast/Mould <100 cfu per Millilitre
Salmonella Absent /25g
Extraneous Matter Absent / 100g
Antibiotics Absent (no detection at 0.0015 ug/ml

• Processing
• Process step Control Points.
• Pasteurization Temperature: 74 – 76oC.
• Holding time: Min 15 sec.
• Cooling at 5oC or below.
• Storage Bulk milk stored in sanitized storage vat at 5oC or below. Packaged milk stored under refrigeration
• Evaporating Goats milk is evaporated prior drying
• Drying Spray drying concentrated goat’s milk into a free flowing powder.
• Packing Weight/Volume controlled filling into food grade packing materials.
• Product Volume The volume of the packaging will not be less than the volume

Statement printed on the label.
• Coding Packages are labeled with product name and indentifying code, name and address of manufacture. All codes will be legible.
• Shelf life 365 Days from Drying



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