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Quality Cocoa Powder & Baking Chocolates now available on sale, 30% discount

Model No.: N/A
Product Origin: Africa / Europe / America
Standard: Premium International Market Quality
Brand Name: Buyer''s Private Label Accepted
PriceTerms: FOB / CNF / CIF
Supply Ability: 500MT per Month
Detailed Product Description:

Organic Cacao Powder
Our organic cacao powder is made from the finest cacao beans and has a decadent and full-bodied chocolate flavor. This antioxidant-packed powder is perfect for smoothies, hot chocolate, and desserts.

Dark Chocolate Chips (Sugar-Free)
You won't be able to tell that these delicious dark chocolate chips are sugar-free! Sprinkle these on your favorite ice cream, yogurt or cookies.

Carob Chips (Unsweetened)
The perfect replacement for chocolate, unsweetened carob chips are naturally sweet and delicious. Great as a substitute in any baked good, or sprinkled on yogurt, fruit, or ice cream for a sweet and creamy treat.

Organic Mini 70% Dark Chocolate Chips
Our mini dark chocolate chips are ideal for enriching baked goods with dark chocolate intensity. These miniature chips are made with 70% cacao and are gluten-free, organic, vegan and Certified Non-GMO.

Carob Powder
Carob powder is the perfect replacement for cocoa powder. Dark roasted for a great chocolate flavor. Carob is naturally sweet, low in fat, and caffeine-free.

Dutch Cocoa Powder
Dutch cocoa powder is made when chocolate liquor is pressed to remove three quarters of its cocoa butter. It has a darker color and smoother chocolate flavor compared to natural cocoa powder.

Dark Chocolate Wafers
Dark chocolate wafers are perfect for baking. These are about the size of a nickel and soften at a higher temperature than normal chocolate, making them ideal for cooking.

Organic Dark Chocolate Chips
Organic dark chocolate chips are made with all-natural, organic ingredients. Infuse your favorite recipes with bits of semisweet, organic dark chocolate!

Peanut Butter Chips
Great tasting peanut butter chips are delicious on their own, with ice cream, yogurt, fruit, or even blended in smoothies.

White Baking Chips
Delicious confectionery White Baking Chips are perfect for adding to ice cream, yogurt, cookies, or anything that requires that great white chocolate taste.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
Get the chocolate chips you need for pancakes, cookies, ice cream toppings and more. No kitchen is complete without semi sweet chocolate chips.

Mini Mint Chocolate Chips
These delightful mini mint chocolate chips make for an amazing topping on ice cream and frozen yogurt. They even make a great addition to cookies and other sweet treats.

White Coating Chocolate Wafers
These white coating chocolate wafers are a necessity for any serious chocolatier. Perfect for melting to use in candy molds, to coat with, or even just eat.

Milk Chocolate Wafers
These milk chocolate wafers are perfect for baking since they soften at a higher temperature. Smooth-tasting sweetness!

Organic White Chocolate Chunks
These organic white chocolate chunks are made with real vanilla and taste great. Excellent for baking, and delicious even on their own as a snack! Try mixing some into your favorite trail mix.

Organic Cacao Paste
All natural and organic Cacao Paste. This recent breakthrough in healthy chocolate is being praised in the industry for its incredible versatility.

Semisweet Baking Bits
Similar to dark chocolate mini M&Ms®, these semisweet candy-coated chocolate bits are perfect on ice cream or baked into your favorite cookies.

White Chocolate Wafers
These white chocolate wafers are perfect for baking since they do not melt. These are about the size of a nickel and soften at a higher temperature than normal chocolate.

Assorted Chocolate Chips
With assorted chocolate chips, you'll never bake another boring cookie. A mixture of milk, dark, white , and peanut butter chocolate chips.

Paramount Crystals
Paramount crystals are used to aid in the melting of carob, chocolate, and yogurt coatings. It will help make the coatings smooth and easy to pour into molds or will thin for ease in dipping and coating.

Teton Cocoa Powder
Our premium Teton Cocoa Powder is made with the finest cocoa beans and has a decadent, well-rounded cocoa flavor. Perfect for baked goods or homemade ice cream!

Organic Milk Chocolate Wafers
Organic milk chocolate wafers are perfect for melting and molding into candy creations or using as a fondue for fruits and desserts. They are also excellent for baking or even just snacking.

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